Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tips to Surviving Online - How to Internet

Tips to surviving online

This is part 2 of my "How to Internet" series. A video for tip #6 will be released below along with bloopers that you can only view on here.

1.  Don’t send nudes! This must be the most obvious tip but the most important because people still do it. The receiver may want to get vengeance on you one day and post it online. That stuff spreads like wildfire.

2.  Don’t post pictures of yourself holding alcohol or while looking intoxicated anywhere a future employer or parent might see it. My rule is to never get photographed holding alcohol. It’s okay if it’s wine or champagne but it has to look classy.

3.  Don’t curse. Cursing on the internet or in real life is just immature. There are other words that you can use to get your point across.

Bonus video:

4.  Check your grammar. You don't have to be 100% perfect all the time but you don’t want to write something that a million people might see and put something like “did u c that?” That’s just embarrassing and shameful. If you’re trying to save on the character limit, combine words, take out the extra spacebar behind punctuation, or just write it in two posts.

5.  Show a level of professionalism. Unless your things are privated, everyone can see your content. Make sure the things that you put out online are things that you wouldn’t want to kill yourself if you grandma saw it. Maybe delete or private some of the older things… because unless you have some crazy stalkers or fans that screenshot everything you have ever put on the internet, there is always time to delete things.

6. PROTECT YOURSELF!! This is very important. Do not put out information that may allow people to stalk you. Do not allow anyone to contact you anonymously. People (including myself) get hate messages and that is usually when they let anonymous people message them. When I first started my Disney blog, someone wrote an anonymous comment calling me the c word. I took a screenshot, posted it on a Disney Facebook group and said “haha look what someone put, they probably don’t even know me.” Because honestly, they didn’t know me. Also, back in high school when Formspring was first getting popular, someone spent all night posting an essay one line at a time. I woke up to about 20 questions and they were mostly like “why does he even like you?” “You’re not worth anything” “You’re so thin that he’d probably just snap you in half.” Things like that. It’s a good thing I have high self-esteem or else that would have really gotten to me. I simply took screenshots of it and posted it on Facebook for all my classmates to see. I think I put a caption like “hey guys look what someone sent me through formspring. I really wish they would come forward instead of hiding behind a monitor.” A lot of people saw it and asked if I was okay. I was perfectly fine. I just hate when people hide behind their computer screen and try to hurt other people



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