Saturday, December 31, 2016

Summing Up 2016

Here's a look back on my 2016.

I'll probably eventually finish the 2016 table of contents - no promises.
I'm 24 now. Wow, what a scary number. I think this age is a bigger deal to me than 25 is because that the Chinese zodiac goes in cycles of 12.

Relationships - Friends
I feel closer to the few I want to. I made a little effort to reach out to talk to and hang out with them. Although I don't think I tried hard enough, I'm happy with the progress I have made so far.
I also started spending more time with a long-time friend and we basically spent the majority of 2016 together.

Relationships - Love
I started the year completely happy and in love. Some things changed early in the year and that ended. I'm fine with that because I feel like I'm not mature enough nor ready in my life for a permanent person (to spend my life with.) Therefore, I haven't gone out nor put myself out there to attempt to find someone yet.

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing or what I want to do with my life. I feel like a lot of people in my age group feels this way. But that is not an excuse.
I started the year in a job. I got a raise the month before I got fired. Then I got fired.
In my personal opinion, I was doing a really good job. I think I could definitely put this job on my resume and be proud of the things I accomplished there and the good job I performed - despite the problems there were and the fact I was fired.

Social media
My twitter followers went down a lot but it doesn't really matter because those fickle people are usually the "follow for follow" people. I just enjoy using twitter as a platform to say what I want in 140 characters or less.
On youtube, I had 113 subscribers when I drafted this post but now that I check, there are 118! Full disclosure though, 2 or 3 of the followers might be myself. I did go back and unsubscribe from myself on my random emails but my personal one is definitely still subscribed since I watch my own videos. Sadly, I have no idea when I hit 100 since a lot were sub for sub people and they eventually disappeared. I missed out on first milestone because of this but I don't mind. Youtube is same as twitter for me, a place for me to express myself in video form on the topics and events in my life I want to share. I have 481 videos right now on the last day of 2016. It's almost 500 videos! I'm thinking of just recording fun/interesting things in my life, editing it into a vlog, and upload it as private so I can go back and see what I did at that point in my life. (Currently working on editing a snowy Christmas with my family)

I've read more books this year than last year which makes me happy. But definitely not enough! I have a huge stack that I can't get myself to pick up yet.
Surprisingly, I have more music knowledge than I knew I had. I was watching the AMAs with my mom this year and I have to say, I knew more than I thought I did and I was quite proud of myself.
I kept up slightly with the election this year. And although I'm not happy with the result of the presidential election, I hope good things come of it. We just need to stay positive and hope he will do the best he can for the greater good of the country.

Movies: I have watched so many movies this year! I have written list (which I'm not planning to type out) and I think there's somewhere between 50-60 movies just this year.
My favorite releases of the year that I've actually gone back to watch multiple times: Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, and Suicide Squad. (Yes, there's a theme)
Shows I've been loving/still love: Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Supergirl, The Good Place, Westworld (I watched 6 episodes in one go because I started it when the season was almost over), Brooklyn 99 (still!), Lucifer, No Tomorrow, This is Us (the newest in the feel-good family show genre), and
Things I've watched, liked, but probably won't watch again (or didn't leave a lasting impression): The Girl on the Train, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Dr. Strange
Amazing movies that did leave an impression: Arrival and Moana. (I watched Moana yesterday and I cried the whole time.)

Health and body
I started the year with a new Fitbit (in February) and I walked/ran almost every day for a few months. But I slowly stopped when my sister moved home (and it got colder). Now I barely move and my body is such a wreck - so basically nothing has changed.

My diet is a little healthier than before. I drink a lot of water (always have). I don't have fast food/junk food that often - except Chipotle every once in awhile.
I'm also choosing less red meat options and eating more fish and chicken. I don't think I could ever become vegan or vegetarian because there's so many good foods that are meat. I do choose vegetarian options when I go out sometimes though.
I started eating poke! I tell people I don't eat seafood because I'd rather got to a meat place than a seafood place (hate the smell). But I did start eating poke and trying out different sushi.

In conclusion, I'm proud of myself in some quiet obvious areas and ashamed of others. I hope I can do better in 2017. I won't set a resolution but I will work harder to improve myself. I got a new planner - as I do ever year - and I plan to be even more organized with my life. I've watched so many bullet journal videos this year and even though I don't think I'm quite ready to start a bullet journal yet, I want to be as vigilant about my life as a bullet journaler. (And maybe sleep earlier instead of falling asleep at 10, waking up and not going to sleep until 2 or 3).

Thank you all for 2016. Let's make 2017 better!

I'm off to watch Star Wars Rogue One!

Drafted November 29, 2016
Finished December 31, 2016