Thursday, January 8, 2015

Social Media - How to Internet

Social Media

This is the first of my “How to Internet” series.

We all use social media, and we all spend way too much time on it. A lot of people I know actually delete all their accounts before major exams. And then they reactivate it afterwards.  I however, cannot live without it. I feel like I would be so bored without social. Here are some of the more popular social media these days:

Tumblr – Don’t have one, never will. First time I found out about it, I didn't really want to get one because I knew I would only repost stuff. Because all I looked at were Glee and Disney pages and I'd get pretty obsessive over it. Back when I used Firefox, I would just leave all the tabs of tumblrs I was following open and then refresh them a few times a day. Whenever I discover a new page, I will go through their first 100 pages or to the point where they changed tastes. (I would occasionally just go on the tumblr website and type in a topic and look at it.)

Instagram – Artsy pictures, food pictures, and selfies. The basic description of Instagram. Occasionally I will suddenly get really into it and just check every hour. But usually I just pick a few users that I really like and just check them out/refresh their page every few days. Overall the accounts I follow consist of: Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Disney, a lot of Disney, artists, food people, fashion people, toys people, nails people, accounts of those services that send you monthly boxes like food or nail polish, Youtubers, people who sell things from Tokyo Disney, celebrities, and friends. I really hate going to a page and seeing all selfies. That's how I decide whether or not to follow back someone who is following me. And on my Tigger account, I only follow Disney related accounts.

Twitter – I used to not understand it but now I’m using it a lot. I have one for youtube and networking and one for personal use (that I don’t check at all but I do get notifications in my email and phone.) Twitter is great for censoring yourself because you are limited to 140 characters. But it may lead to dumb and grammatically incorrect sentences. I also have parameters for following people back. If I see a person's most recent tweets are just retweets, I will most definitely mute retweets or just not follow them. I think twtter is a good place to express yourself while being clever with the character limits. I'm able to keep my grammar passable even when I am limited. You should too.
I've been telling all my friends "Don't even bother texting me, reach me by Facebook or Twitter"

Facebook – I used to play a lot a lot a lot of Facebook games. Now I play about one or two at a time and I get obsessed on and off. At the moment it’s all about Mob Wars. For a while it was Disney Hidden Worlds. I generally hate hidden object games but it was Disney so I had to. Unfortunately, Disney closed down the game. There's no more updates and I finished the game so there’s nothing else to do. Now I just use Facebook for messaging and posing things to friends. At this moment, I'm more focused on my Youtube and my Twitter. My friends don't really know that I've been doing Youtube so I just keep those away from them by using my public facebook page (not to be confused with my personal facebook profile) and my public twitter.

Myspace (jk) – haha yeah I never understood how to use that because I didn’t know how to customize my page all cool and stuff. So nope not talking about it anymore

Youtube – I am obsessed! Can’t stop. I don’t even…all day...all night…who needs sleep…

Those are my interpretation of some of the social media out there. Check back soon for the next installment of “How to Internet”. It will come with a video!

Speaking of social media, here are my links:

Youtube - Cattyliu816 - subscribe to see when I upload videos
Twitter - Cattyliu816 - follow me to see when I update or just to read my thoughts
Cat's Disney Obsession Blog - I really love all things Disney
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Tigger Adventures Instagram - my Tigger toy loves going on Disney adventures with me
Personal Instagram - Just a bunch of selfies (not really) and Disney things
Facebook Page - I post blog updates and random links I find online (check this last)

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