Saturday, January 24, 2015

Response to Feminism Video

Let's just start with this fact: I am not a feminist and I do not have enough knowledge on the topic to argue for or against it. Now let's continue.

Hey guys, I recently posted this video:

And I’ve been getting some negative comments on it. I know when putting things on the internet, we are subjected to scrutiny and judgment. I don’t mind at all when people talk about my looks because they all have their opinions and tastes. But when people make assumptions about how I think, that’s when I put my foot down.

I am rewatching the video as I type this so I can give an accurate explanation of what I was trying to convey in the video.

0:22 “Today, we are going to talk about the rules of feminism. No, yeah, no we’re not going to talk about that, I’m just kidding” As I said, this video is not about feminism. And I was trying to be funny by saying ‘rules of feminism’ like Gretchen Wieners did in Mean Girls. (Her line “That goes against the rules of feminism” and she was talking about dating a friend’s ex)

Heckling. The definition from google says “interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse.” Yes, I am not a public speaker. And yes, the comments I’ve gotten aren’t aggressive or derisive (means mocking). BUT I think it is safe to say that the comments are unsolicited (definition: not asked for). I may have been wrong to use the word “heckling” for my video but I was right in thinking that it is unwanted and unsolicited attention. As mentioned in the video, I don't like people to look at me and that's because they feel like little bee stings on my skin. I do not like the attention nor do I want it.

I do have to be a hypocrite and say that I enjoy compliments sometimes. But that’s only from people I know and even then I will get embarrassed. I am a very social awkward person and generally don’t like social interactions so it is understandable when I say that I dislike people talking to me when I’m walking on the street minding my own business. And I definitely think it is rude to be making comments about a person’s looks (not just female) to their face/behind when you don’t even know them. You can talk about a person to your friend whom you are standing next to – although that’s probably gossiping and frowned upon but hey they’ll never know you’re talking about them.

Like I said at the beginning of the video, I’m not talking about feminism in the video and I definitely won’t be arguing for or against it. But I do think that if we do want equality, we should stop expecting the guys to carry our luggage and drive us to places and why not take up so jobs in construction? And as I learned in my labor economics class, the difference between men and women salaries disappear once you factor in what major they had in college. Generally males tend to go for the more science and math majors while females go for things like English or anthropology or sociology.

I’m definitely not informed enough about this subject to talk about it and I just want people to know not to make assumptions about what my views on something are just because I titled my video a certain way.

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