Sunday, April 10, 2016

How to Get Over a Breakup

In my opinion, all breakups should be mutual or at least civil. I know it's not always possible but I feel like they should at least end on good terms or at least where you won't kill each other when you are in the same room.

Step 1: Cry
 Even if you're the one doing the breaking up, no longer having someone in your life every single day is an awful feeling. I am a crier; I cry about a lot of things,  but for some reason if it's something personal or emotional, I can only cry about it for a day or two. The rest of the time I will feel sad/depressed but no actual tears. (Give me a Harry Potter book though, I'll just cry about it every time I get to that part)

Step 2: Make a lifestyle change
 For me, my hair has always been something I changed whenever entering a new chapter in my life. I used to cut it or change the color to correspond with my relationship status. I've never been sure whether it's been a coincidence or just a need for something different.
 Other than the physical appearance, I might change myself socially. If it was someone who I never went outside with much, I'll try to find reasons to go out more because it felt like I was being held back. Usually I'll just find a good friend and hang out with them a lot until I feel better.
 Another thing to do is to start eating differently or being more/less active. For example, I recently started running and taking my dog on walks more because I found myself with a lot of free time. It makes me feel better about my body because I had a sedentary life plus I'm finally gaining weight as a result of the increase in food consumption from the activity.

Step 3: Closure
 You may or may not think about the other person sometimes. If things didn't end well, you could figure out what is it that still bothers you (if something still does) and express those thoughts and emotions. Whether it's through writing or creativity or through conversation. Luckily, I have this platform and I could probably make a rant video about everything that went wrong. But don't get me wrong, I don't regret having the experience of the time together.

Step 4: Moving On
 My definition of having moved on means not feeling sad (nor any other negative emotions) whenever thinking of the person in question. Sure there will be nostalgia sometimes but my goal is to be able to live my life happily while being grateful for having had that person in my life but no longer needing them in it. I would never wish for someone to be forgotten because one of the worst things in life is not mattering.

Of course there's way more to it than this (probably includes a lot of junk food and sugar for those who eat that type of stuff) and each person deals differently. But these are just my 4 quick ideas of how to get over someone that I thought up in the moment.


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