Monday, January 5, 2015

Crafts: Stitch Painting

Hey guys, the video you are about to watch is a how-I-did-it of a Stitch decoration that I made for my friend for our Secret Santa exchange. Keep scrolling down for instructions.

Here is the video:

1. First, I printed out an image of Stitch that I found online and used a pencil to transfer the image from the paper onto the blank canvas. I did this step first so that I could see what it would look like on the canvas and if it looked bad, I could just erase it and reposition it without messing up everything.
2. Then I used color pencils and drew all over the canvas. You can do this however you want but I drew a line framing each corner of the canvas. This results in having four lines for each of the colors used. In hindsight, it would have looked better if I had used the darker colors on the outside as opposed to the lighter colors. (Because the dark colors go right through his face.)
2.5 This is a failed step, I tried to color the Stitch blue (on my computer) using Paint on my computer. The blue ink didn't transfer onto the canvas like I had hoped.
3. I took some artistic liberties and shaded in some of the shapes with grey. It didn't really show up that much because the grey was so light and I couldn't chose an actual color in case it clashed with the nearby lines.(Picture below)
4.Instead of the failed step, I put tape on the back of the printed image so that the paper would be stronger and then I cut out the shape of the head. With this, I was able to use it as a stencil and paint a blue color around the border to form an outline.
5. The last thing I did was by recommendation by some people online. I colored in the face by mixing acrylic paint with water. Acrylic paint is usually very opaque and won't blend if painted on so I had to thin it out and turn it into a water color of sorts so that it still seemed light and natural when it showed up on the canvas.
 You can see the final product in the video. Let me know what you guys thought about this and how I could have made it look better. I might want to create one for myself some time in the future.
Below are some pictures for reference.

Here is the image that I used for the project:

The ink transferring onto the page:

This here is a picture of the project before I decided to color it in.

And here is the final product as seen in the video:

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