Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Night Blues

Sunday, May 22, 2016

 After going to the city for a whole week and walking around/being busy, the thought of going into work on Monday morning and sitting in an office just seems so menial and trivial. I really want to make a lifestyle change and do something for myself this year. I hope to have a plan that I can follow through and to complete it before this time next year. I think I'm ready.

  2016. Year of the monkey. 24 years old. I am ready for you.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2016 Travel Thoughts

Monday, May 16, 2016
 I am currently sitting in a Capital One/Peet's Coffee cafe in San Francisco by myself. My parents and I drove up here yesterday and they dropped me off at my uncle's place to spend the night with that part of the family. I woke up this morning at 7am with the kids (my favorite cousins) for them to get ready for school as I got ready to head to work with my uncle.
 We took the Caltrain for about a 40 minute ride. Once we got off the train there were so many young (my age) people walking to work with their heads bowed staring at their phones. While they were doing that, I was checking out the different companies they worked for. Apparently if you work for a well-known company, they'll give you a cool bag with their logo on it. A few of the ones I spotted in the first 10 minutes of walking among these people: Fitbit, IGN, Air b&b, and LinkedIn.
 This made me think of my current job - which I am writing a blog post about, should be up later this week or early next week - and how crap it is. I'm making barely minimum wage, if I weren't living at home with my family and my parents weren't paying for everything, I would not survive on the meager $12/hour I am currently getting. Plus the job requires a lot. At first I thought it was going to be a simple assistant job with interesting things to do once in awhile. The initial few weeks were just sitting around doing nothing and waiting for instructions from the boss. It eventually turned into me having to do the job of 2-3 people but with no raise nor respect from management.
 Okay I got a little ranty there. What it made me think of was how little I am getting and how much I am doing at a job where there is no mutual respect with management and where I don't agree with the morals of the company. It also made me realize (although I already knew this deep down) that I would like to work at a big company with more structure and definitely a contract so I know what to do in certain situations and I can't be expected to do the work of more than one person without the compensation for it.
 I decided on Thursday of this previous week that I will be submitting my two-weeks notice when my coworker comes back from her vacation. Because I'm taking this week off and she's taking the first week of June off. The boss would have experienced what it's like to have one of us not there and realized how crucial both of us are to the operation of the day to day. I'm also going to try to start working on my resume this trip.
 My original reason for not leaving the company when the asking for raise thing went down was that I didn't want to leave my coworker - the only other person working there - alone because she is not able to speak Mandarin and I'm the one who does the artwork for the orders and that is a very big part of the order. I've finally decided that it is not worth it. Being a nice person is important to me but working at an establishment with bad morals and disinterest in other peoples' needs is not a place I want to be in.

Stay tuned for more.

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Reality is Real

 October of last year, I made a post about getting a new job and how excited I was about it at the time. (Link here) Now it is seven months later and things have changed. I've made a bunch of videos (and probably blog posts) about what a terrible supervisor my boss is. The reality of working at a small company is that you have to take up a lot of responsibilities because there's no one else to do it. I'm currently working at a place that sells optical crystal awards that can be customized/engraved to the customer's preferences.
 When I was first hired, I was told I would be an assistant who would help with office things and try to get the social media accounts up and running. I got the Facebook page started which is what my boss wanted me to do but he doesn't realize that you need to have followers or else posting things is just irrelevant. When I was trying to get the Facebook page set up, I told the boss (and his wife who works from home for the company) that we need to update our website and our email signatures to include the Facebook link because there's no other way to get our name out there that I know of.
 Now that task was a flop, I also had to help with one of the two companies that they have in the office. One of the companies is a wholesale and the other one is a supplier. I still don't really understand the difference but I am the one who takes the calls and processes the orders for the wholesale company. It's quite simple, most people just want one or two items blank so all I have to do is make an invoice and get the items from the back.
 Another thing I had to do was go in to our warehouse and write with pen on paper the location of every single box of product we had. That took a few weeks because there were seven aisles of merchandise piled up to the ceiling. After writing it down by hand, I had to input it into the computer on an excel file. I sent that to the boss early December but she didn't even upload it onto the company's joint google doc account until January. Over the December holiday, she made a list of all of our stock and sent it to me with the power to edit the numbers of how many we have. So now every time someone takes something out of the stock room, I have to mark down how many removed and where on the warehouse map it was removed from. (New role: warehouse manager?)
 Around February, one of my two coworkers wanted a raise, tried to quit, got a raise and ended up with less tasks than before he got the raise. Then our company got suddenly busy and I had to pick up the phone for the supplier part of the company and help process some orders because the guy who got the raise wasn't doing any of the work.
 And then come March, my boss decided to purchase and install a graphics program into my computer and tell me to learn how to use it because I will start doing the artwork for the people who want to personalize their awards.

Bad morals. We often get calls with issues and we have to say "it's in our terms" even though the terms were just updated and they are completely unfair. they're just there to save the skin of the management. they don't even make sense