Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Palms Review

This is my review for The Palms on University location in Riverside

First things first. You cannot pay me enough money to live here. You could probably pay me to destroy it. I might accept that.

Initial thoughts:
 When I first walked into the apartment, I turned around to my mother and said "mom do I have to live here?" The place was FILTHY. The floors looked like everyone walked in with their wet boots after a rain storm. The stove was greasy and so were all the cabinets. I spent an hour cleaning the 4 burners on the stove. I DON'T EVEN COOK!!

Some things that have been constant since the first day I moved in:
The lock on the main door of the building does not have a working lock. I asked the front office the first week that I started living there. They said that they have to order a custom lock so that all the residents don't need to get a new key (and that they already ordered it) but it would take a few weeks to make. It is now December and they still haven't gotten this new lock.
Secondly, the gate to the car park has not been closed since the day I moved in. Correction: I saw it closed one time in December. But it was open again when I returned
December 10: The door to the building was torn off its hinges.
They got new hinges and put the door back
January first week back: they finally got a lock for our building
The days after, someone stuck a wrapper in the lock so it can just open. (I pulled it out) The next day, the lock was not functional anymore. Someone had loosened it from the door and it was just hanging on.
January 22: I returned to the apartment at 11am after a morning class. The lock was still loose but at least it was locking again. Around 8:30pm, my roommate comes back from her evening class and comes to my room to tell me that someone has taken the lock. As in it is no longer there!
Other issues:
The only place to dump our trash is around the corner next to the Taco Bell. Thanks for providing proper facilities for us (sarcasm intended)
The previously mentioned unlocked door was RIPPED OFF IT'S HINGES. I returned and saw that the door was ajar, When I reached to close it, I noticed that all three hinges were no longer attached. The door was still standing there but it could no longer be used as a door.
One of the other buildings I visited doesn't even have a doorknob. Anyone can just stick their hand in the hole and open the door.

Management change; They changed management some time in December and everything became better. The gate into the parking garage is always locked and they fixed the main door into the building in the first full week of January. These were my main concerns.

Will be update when I think of more stuff

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