Friday, January 9, 2015

Dealing With Acne

How To Deal With Acne

Acne! We all have it and we all hate it!
Now that I'm older, I have so many stories that I can tell about having acne. I am lucky enough to not get it that often anymore, it's more of a once every 1.5~2 months basis. My sister used to only get it on the back of her arms but now it's starting to grow on her face too. Mine has always been on my face but I heal quickly. Which brings us to number one:

1. Know your skin type.
From experience I know that my skin heals quickly and I don't scar easily. Make sure you know what your skin is like before picking or squeezing. Usually I wait for a spot/pimple to be ripe before squeezing it because if you don't, you'll just leave red marks on your face and not have accomplished anything. But generally it's not recommended to pick at acne.

2. Keep clean
If you do decide to pick or squeeze, make sure to wash your hands and tools (if you use tweezers or needles) before you touch your face! Wash everything again after you're done and don't touch your face for awhile, it's still a little sensitive.

3. Be nice to your skin
Your face is the first thing that people see, you want to treat it nicely. Wash your face the appropriate amount. Do not over wash (might end up drying your skin and causing it to flake off) and remember to moisturize. I have generally oily skin and I like to use oil blotting paper on my t-zone to avoid washing my face too often. If I do have to wash it throughout the day, I just use water. You should generally wash your face once in the morning and once at night. Even if you have oily skin, you need to moisturize to put the necessary oils into your skin to protect it. Sunscreen is also highly recommended because the sun has harmful rays and even though you can't see it, it is affecting your skin under the surface.

4. Makeup
No matter how much you think you need it or want to use it, you don't. Using makeup is actually terrible for your skin. You're basically covering it and not allowing it to breathe. This is results in getting unwanted things into your pores. I have noticed the people who use a lot of makeup generally us it to cover up blemishes. This is actually ironic because using makeup actually makes it worse than not using makeup. It is more likely to go away if you have a fresh face for a few days as opposed to having cover-up or concealer on it.

5. Sleep
We all know that it is good for our bodies to get a good night's sleep. It'll help your skin too! Just make sure to clean your face of all the day's oils before going to sleep. You don't want to marinate in the grease all night long.

6. Diet
A diet doesn't mean eating less food or losing weight. "Diet" means the type of food you eat and what you eat. If you're having a bad skin month or week or even day, you might want to consider putting down the pizza for awhile and go for food that hasn't been fried or dipped in delicious oil. Remember, I say this not because I'm judging but because I eat a lot of pizza!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, I have not done any research on this subject. This is all just my personal opinions.

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This is my face. I don't have makeup or any product on. This could be you if you treat your skin right:
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