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Nail Polish Review: Julep's Zelda

Nail Polish Review: Julep's Zelda #3282

Since I've been at school constantly for the past few months, I haven't really had time to paint my nails. But now that it's winter break, I thought I'd try a festive color I've never used before! This here is Zelda by Julep. The really great thing about Julep is that they can send you a box with two to three colors each month if you sign up for their Maven program. I feel like the price is not that bad and sometimes they include products such as cuticle oil or quick drying top coat! (Not sponsored, I just love it.) I would definitely sign up again some time soon!

[I would like to apologize in advance for how gross and wrinkly my hands look. I hadn't moisturized yet that morning because I jumped out of bed to record/capture some things for this blog.]

This color here (pictured left - click to enlarge) is a beautiful shimmery rosy-gold color. I have been using the technique of applying thin layers until opaque and it goes on so smooth. I also didn't use a top coat because I like to know how well a polish stands up to normal "wear-and-tear" so to say. That and I don't have a good one top coat. The ones that I do have either drags the color or makes it seem duller.

This here is after about a week of having it on with one touch-up in between because of how quickly my nails grow. There were barely any chips (as you can probably tell) and it was just the tips that would come off but nothing major or embarrassing.
Note: I have removed the polish since taking these pictures and in my opinion, this color is quite easy to remove (if you know how).

My method for removing polish is to cut strips of cotton and dip them into the remover. Dip and set them one by one on your nail - make sure it touches all the edges of the polish. By the time you get to the fifth finger, the first one will be ready. You can grab another cotton pad if you don't want to harm your hand, or you can just do it bare like I do: Just simply press down on the soaked pad and slide it off your nail. 99% of the polish should have come off in the process. To get the bits you missed after using this method, you can just use a cotton swab (q-tip) or cotton pad/bud dipped in remover for that final touch-up.

 Make sure to always wash your hands and to moisturize after using polish remover because the chemicals will dry your skin!

Overall thoughts on the polish:
This color is great and very festive. Perfect for a party or get-together with friends. I certainly got quite a couple of compliments on it. It's one of those colors that people will definitely notice!

After finding the product on the website, I saw that it says it's a "pink champagne metallic," this means I was correct in thinking that the color looked quite rose gold-ish. My favorite color of gold!

Julep Maven program - Link
Link to product - Zelda
Please note: I get no benefit from you signing up, I just want to 'share the wealth" of this cool program. I personally love subscription boxes that arrive in the mail once or twice a month.

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