Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Get Better

What I do when I'm sick and how I get better faster :)
Video at the end.

So I decided to make this video because there's a girl outside my window coughing her lungs out and I've been having the sniffles lately on account of the changing weather. Here's some of my advice for what to do when you're feeling sick.
1. Take moltrin and sleep a lot
(Notspon) When I'm sick, I find it best to just sleep it off. Sometimes you get a fever which is what moltrin is for. It is a fever reducer and it also helps you sleep. I take one and sleep for 12 hours and feel better the day after!

2. Keep hydrated
Drink a lot of water! It'll help you go to the restroom and let out all the bad stuff in your system. Plus, it's healthy to drink a lot of water anyway.

3. Eat a lot
I always get super hungry when I'm sick and that helps me get well faster. You need nutrients for your body so that it can fight off the sickness. So it is very important to eat! When we had the flu, my mom would give us nongreasy food because anything oily would just go straight through us. She would make us toast (with nothing on it, butter if your stomach can handle it) or porridge which is just rice and water. It's better to be eating bland food than to be eating no food. Most important on this list!

4. Stock up on tissues
My nose is always running, I have puffs tissues on hand always!

5. Keep warm
Don't let your body get hurt from the cold. You should always cover your throat because it may lead to a cough. I like to wear a scarf and sweater and hat whenever I'm sick.

6. Keep clean!
I don't know how I forgot this, but you should definitely wash your hands a lot to get rid of the germs and to prevent it from spreading

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