Tuesday, December 30, 2014

LUSH Reviews

Lush baths that I've tried

Northern Lights

It turns the water a magenta color (much like the actual color of the bar) with a few spurts of blue and yellow from inside the bar.
Smells very fragrant, I would describe it as very flowery. There's barely any bubbles.
Please note, it won't stain your tub as long as you wash it off very well. I could see some potential pink residue around the edges but I rinsed it right away.

Christmas Eve

Turns the water green because the yellow and the blue mix. Creates some bubbles but not as much as the Christmas Hedgehog one. Smells the same as Northern Lights. Imagine mixing those two together. It would create a pink&green mix (brown?) and some bubbles. That sounds fun right?

Christmas Hedgehog
The blue rubs off at finger temperature. It needs to be crumbled under running water. The water turns a little bit blue and it creates a lot of bubbles.
Easy to make bubbles but the bubbles disappear really quickly. The smell is a really light flowery and nature-y smell, I would describe it as being in the forest and there's wood and just one bush of flowers that you can kinda smell a little bit when you're far away from it.

Sparkly Pumpkin
Turns the water a light orangish-yellow color almost golden. You have to break it under running water to create bubbles. The bubbles don't disappear very quickly which I'm really happy about. Lots of sparkles!
This is actually perfect for me because I like light scents. It smelled like fruits or something I couldn't place.

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