Thursday, December 18, 2014

What I Do At Home

Why Don't I Record At Home?

Recorded: December 9, 2014
Published: December 19, 2014

So I don’t make videos when I’m at home because my parents often interrupt me. Back when I was doing vinylmation videos, there would be so many instances when my mom would yell for me and I would have to yell back “MOM I’m RECORDING!!” she didn't know what I was recording for but I eventually stopped doing that. I don’t know how I’d feel if my parents found out I've been making videos. I just casually say that I want a cool camera to use. They do know that I like to take pictures of everything but not that I've been recording stuff more lately.

One time, when I was trying to pull up a picture or video to show my sister, she saw my gallery with all the videos of my face on it. And she was just like “why are you recording yourself?” I’m so glad that my channel doesn't come up when you search my name. You have to be super specific and search “cattyliu816.” Okay I do put “Catherine Liu” as a tag in my video and all my posts but they still don’t show up unless you put “Catherine Liu Disney.” At least I’m grouped with Disney?

So what do I actually do when I’m at home? I usually just sit in bed all day in my homeostasis state and browse the internet for hours. I actually got a headache the other day from doing that because I had earphones in all day. My ear actually got that deaf feeling and it was super uncomfortable.
I’m also supposed to be studying which I rarely do. And I barely eat food so that’s not interesting either.
We go out to eat about once for food. But then that’s family time so I’m not going to record it.

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