Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trxye Review

These are my thoughts on Troye Sivan's EP 'Trxye'. I will continue adding to it as I have more thoughts.

I've never been one to listen to music because it's popular but I found Troye Sivan on YouTube and decided to save his Happy Little Pill song for later. Of course I listen to the song first before looking up lyrics. I want to get the real effects of the song and the sound.
Initial thoughts:
One night when I was having a difficult time staying awake at 3 in the morning, I played Happy Little Pill via his vevo for the very first time. I replayed it more than once that evening. I scrolled through the comments to see people's interpretation of it, I replayed it so I could focus on the music video, and a couple more times to listen to the lyrics. And since then, I have listened to that song about a hundred times. (Entirely using the Vevo.)

I have just bought the Trxye EP and of course I couldn't skip out on the first song. But when I got to the second song, Touch. My initial thought was that the ambiance was very similar to that of Happy Little Pill. But after getting through the whole song, it definitely had a different feel behind it.

The first note of Fun I'm already like "WOW" all the songs I've heard so far definitely have a connection between them. You can tell they are coming from the same artist. I have no idea what this song is about. Just that it says the word "boy" a lot and "fun." Definitely a more upbeat song, I can imagine him in the studio rocking out while recording it.
Gasoline first thought: SAD!!! There's one point in the song where the music goes really low and I thought my thing paused or the song ended so I turned it up higher. There was a wooosh and it started again. I don't think I want to set your heart on fire Troye

I have listened to The Fault In Our Stars on his Youtube page a couple of times. It has a very mellow tone and has a great sound. There's some parts that actually remind me of his "We're My OTP" song. 

Deeper thoughts:
1. Happy Little Pill: This was a great choice to be number one on the track. From what I've read, this song is about depression and how all these fancy things won't make you happy. In a way it is like Royals but only because it lists materialistic things. Has the word "cocaine" in it (Labeled as explicit) 
 Favorite verse: My happy little pill/Take me away   AND Buying happy from shopping carts.../Sipping life from bottles.../Cocaine, dollar bills

2. Touch: This song is slower and less poppy than Happy Little Pill. But it does have that same sound from HLP. I'm not sure how to describe it. It is definitely not the same song. After listening to the song a couple of times, I feel like the song is about intimacy (thus the title Touch duh). Not just that, but the excitement of the anticipation. Since it's a slow song, it does feel quite sad like the connection between the two people are not strong enough and there needs to be more of a trust. 
 Favorite verse: Standing in the eye of the storm/My eyes start to roll to the curl of your lips

Other songs pending review
3. Fun: The lyrics make me think "wtf" and this is like a stereotypical boys day out right? I've only heard this three times and I knew what song it was from the first few notes
4. Gasoline: These lyrics are so...depressing! It definitely makes me feel emotions. Has the F word in it (labeled as explicit)
5. The Fault In Our Stars: I really like this song. It gets you right in the feels

I definitely feel like I can tell what song it is from the opening line/beats. They did sound pretty similar at first listen. It's like when you hear a song on the radio and think it's one thing when it's actually another song that has the same intro

Troye's Youtube Channel:
Happy Little Pill official Vevo Music Video:

Troye Sivan, I would like to thank you for your music.

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