Thursday, December 11, 2014

Left Handers Unite!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

This is amazing! So I called one of the departments at my school to ask them to provide left handed desks at the movie theater that I have a class in. They called me back just now to tell me that they will reach out to the theater (because they're partnered with the school but not actually part of the university.) And we might be able to start a thing to help provide left handed amenities for us.

I'm really excited about this because the number of lefties are rising and it would be so great if we could provide for the minority!

Update Friday, December 12, 2014

So I just received a voicemail from the woman I spoke to yesterday (Suzanne from disability services) and she said that when they remodeled the theatre back in 2011, they took out the desks that they had and replaced them with the cup holder slot makeshift desks that they have now. They had a bunch of people go in and test them but didn't have any complaints. She also said that they mentioned they have these boards (unclear, they didn't show her a picture) available as a source for a flat surface but since I have never seen them and it's been a few years, it may or may not even exist anymore. She also said that the molds for the current plastic cup holder things were only made for right handed usage. And that there's probably a lot of people also suffering in silence. Hopefully we can get something started for them to provide stuff for left handed people in the future. I told her I don't mind if they can't get something for me (and my fellow sufferers for this upcoming week) but I would like it if they could get the ball rolling for future students.

Please note that this video was shot outside my classroom in the cold rainy weather. I was trying to get the information out as quickly as possible so I didn't even think to bring a jacket out with me. Also, my laptop case was resting on a wet surface because that's the only eye level thing I could find at the moment. Ugh we suffer for our cause.

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