Sunday, February 1, 2015

Going Public

Coming Out Publicly

Now that I have completed my goal to post every single day in the month of January, I have to wonder "what's next?" I had first decided to give myself that goal because I wanted 2015 to be different in the sense that I have a better work ethic and I care about the content that I put out. Plus I wanted to get used to being someone who posts things regularly.
I have debated this move for a very long time but I have chosen to just jump in and do it. I have decided to come out publically to the friends that I have actually met in person. When I say coming out, it doesn't mean revealing my sexuality, it just means I'm coming out into society (like a debutante). I have just announced on my personal facebook page that I have been posting videos and putting my life out on the internet for people to see. I don't even expect them to follow me or even click on my links; I just wanted to put it out there in case some of them are actually interested (I do know that most people just scroll past when they see me post things).
So if you are a new viewer, thank you and welcome, feel free to follow me. All my links are below and you have so much to catch up on! If you have been following me, thank you so much for all your support and have you even seen everything that I've put out? I do have more than 300 videos uploaded and 3 separate blogs!

But what will I do now that it's February?
I'm not going to stop creating content, that is the last thing that I want to do. My videos consist of so many topics ranging from Disney to vlogs to whatever random thing I want to talk about! I haven't really found a niche for myself yet because I just have so many things on my mind that I will never run out. I've always thought that if I had infinite time and no obligations, I would just record 100 hours worth of content! (And probably spend the rest of my life editing it because of how slow I am.)
I decided some time in January that I have to buckle down and focus more on school.(Right after I decided to go public.) I will continue posting things but it might just be once or twice a week. (Fridays every week + Tuesday if I have extra things.) Of course the easiest way to keep updated is to follow me on Twitter or to go to the 2015 tab (link) and see what I have upcoming.  It has the date I post something, the name of the thing, and a direct link to the thing. Videos and posts are published around noon Pacific time on the day of - if I uploaded it ahead of time. If not, it'll just go public whenever it is done processing.

For now I just have to focus on school but I look forward to getting feedback and making more content every week. I will see you guys soon and I hope you all support me!

 My thought process behind going public if this blog post wasn't explanatory enough:

My links to check out:

Youtube - Cattyliu816 - subscribe to see when I upload videos
Twitter - Cattyliu816 - follow me to see when I update or just to read my thoughts
Cat's Disney Obsession Blog - I really love all things Disney
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Tigger Adventures Instagram - my Tigger toy loves going on Disney adventures with me
Personal Instagram - Just a bunch of selfies (not really) and Disney things
Facebook Page - I post blog updates and random links I find online (check this last)

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