Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I am not a professional. I obviously haven't been doing it right because of how single I am. These are just personal opinions and advice to being more self confident. However if you have some positive input or something to add, I am more than happy to hear about it. You can leave a comment below or go to one of my social medias and I'll privately message you an email to contact me with.

Since today is Valentine's day and it's all about the lovey-dovey, I thought maybe I should adress this subject a little. I know we all fall in love when we're young and I'm definitely not saying that it doesn't mean anything, I belive in young love too. But once you reach an adult age, you will want a mature relationship. I know I am a hopeless romantic and believe strongly in finding true love so you may or may not relate to this. But before you can find love, you need to love yourself. And in order to love yourself, you have to learn to accept all of your own flaws. I have a video below pointing out all of my own flaws:

I already love myself very much (maybe a litte too much) and I am very aware of all my flaws. If someone wants to insult me, I let them because I know it's all true. I do not let them affect me because I know who I am. I guess this post is more about self confidence than anything else. I do believe that if you're having a hard time finding someone, you should probably look at yourself first. Maybe you just don't accept yourself enough, how can someone else when you don't?

But....if you're like me and an over-confident lady and still haven't found someone...I don't know how to help you there other than just be patient. I'm sure this time next year I'll probably have found someone that I like. Just stay positive and don't worry about it too much. Enjoy your singleness while you still have it.

Peace, love, all the usual stuff.

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