Monday, February 9, 2015

This Past Year

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the incident happened. Since I'm close to the people that the situation involved, I was asked to remove all proof of it from my social media as to not draw attention. (I have done that but I think I can still allude to it since it has impacted me so greatly.)
I'm generally not supposed to talk about it and I'm supposed to act like it never happened. But I feel like it has greatly changed me this past year. Since then, I have broken up with my boyfriend and distanced myself from all my friends. I've become an even more introvert person, definitely darker, and less bright than I was before.
For awhile after the incident, if I would go out with friends, I would be the one sitting quietly in the corner thinking about things instead of the one engaging in conversations with everyone. And even now, I don't really like to talk to many people at all. I do get attached to those that I'm close to though.

I wasn't able to finish this when I wrote it down in my notebook as a draft because I started to cry and I'm not going to finish it now. This is more for myself than for anyone else. It's a realization of who I have become in this past year and the documentation of my acceptance of it.

I made a video about kinda the same things. I it if you want

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