Monday, December 7, 2015

It Happens to the Best of Us

December 7, 2015

     I am having a bad day. That's not a thing I say very often and there are so many factors piling on to make it worse and worse. But this happens to everyone, people get bad days all the time. I have a nice house, I have a loving dog, I have a job, why should I complain about bad days when there are people going through worse?
     Yes, there are people starving and dying all over the world and here I am in an office watching youtube videos and eating my take-out lunch complaining about what a horrible day I am feeling. I am grateful that at the end of the day I get to go home in my car and snuggle in my bed but still if negative things never happened, the world would never progress.

Here are all the bad things that have happened thus far:
 -My boyfriend and I got into a little tiff last night. He was complaining about all the money he spends with me. Well I'm sorry that I let you pay for more than 50% of the things that we do. I've told my friends this problem and they've told me "he's your boyfriend, he's supposed to pay" and they don't understand what the problem is
-Some guy told me to move my car. I work in a plaza with a bunch of other offices. I park where I can see my car, the guy whose office I parked in front of (not even in front, just partly to the side) stopped me while I was getting out this morning and told me to park on my own side. I told him that I like to park where I can see my car. I only started parking there because I noticed how empty those spots were the majority of the week. As I am sitting here now, I noticed that the guy left at around 11 this morning and hasn't returned for the last 6 hours. I'm sorry, are you asking me to not park in an unoccupied space because you can't park there once a week? You already have a space, right next to where I parked. If anything happens to my car, it is on you. And for your information, this is a shared lot, there are no assigned spaces. Unless you show me in the lease agreement that I have to park over here, you shouldn't be allowed to say anything. (On second thought, he does drive a big scary pick-up truck that can run me over so I might not want to piss him off.)

 The bad mood I woke up with probably overexaggerated everything I'm feeling but another thing that happened is
-My co-worker wouldn't move the boxes. We work in a tiny office space and there's a small "foyer" type area where the front door is. That is where we put all the outgoing/incoming boxes. But this guy chose to leave 3 boxes in the middle of the room right between the two office doors. I kindly asked him to move it to the side to avoid me tripping again (because I already tripped on it once) and he told me that it is the loading area of where the boxes go and he can't do anything. I pointed out an open space for him to put it but nope, he told me to move the heavy boxes myself and left to go to lunch.

These three little things led to me being annoyed and pissed off at everything. I will be grateful and happy for what I have tomorrow but as for today, I will choose to steam and be short with everyone.

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