Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fabulous: Motivate Me!

In the Google Play Store
     Growing up means being able to take care of yourself. I recently downloaded this app called Fabulous: Motivate Me! I found it in the health & fitness category under the habits section. 

Journeys to choose from
Basically, Fabulous is an app that encourages you to change your daily habits for the better. You don't have to do it every day, and it is best to start small. They give you a couple of choices for a habit you want to change/achieve. There are options like sleeping better, keeping energized, or eating healthier. I started with the sleeping better journey. 

     They started me on a "disconnect & create" path. I have to turn off my devices and connect with those around me. Maybe read a book, talk to my family, or play with my dog (my own examples). And after completing this for three days, the app comes up with a new thing to try. All these habits they have are to aid me on my way to better sleeping. 
My current evening ritual
     There's an option to set an alarm and it will ring before you go to bed and tell you to do all the things on your list in that order with each item as a timed task. I currently have read, shower, and meditate (newest task from the app) on my evening routine. There's also options for morning and afternoon routines. Right now I have all the alarms turned off but I do have many habits on my lists, I just enjoy crossing them off after I've accomplished them even though I don't do it any day.
Make me fabulous

     Another cool feature on the app is called "Make Me Fabulous". I particularly like this feature, there are preset routines to do such as yoga or meditation. The first one I tried was a 10 minute stretch and I have to day, I felt super energized and ready to start the day after that. These you can try at any point in the day and if you have them on your habits checklist, you can cross them off right then and there!

Additional pictures below:

Fabulous home page
Current morning routine
Current afternoon routine
Make me fabulous

Link to app. A quick google search showed me that it is not available in the apple app store just yet

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