Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Good" Advice 1

I replied to someone's youtube comment yesterday. She said she had just gone through a breakup and was having a hard time. This is what I wrote and I just wanted to share with people:

If it was a good break up, just think about the good times and you were lucky to have had. If it's a bad break up, take care of yourself. Eat whatever you want, watch whatever you want, stay in bed all day (if you can), put on makeup to make yourself fell pretty if that's what you need. 
Remember that you will feel better after awhile but don't try to force yourself to get over it by suppressing anything. Write in a private journal or make a private video venting all your frustration. You can even cry if you want! It will be private. And lastly, find someone you can totally trust and be comfortable around and talk to them a little at a time about what you're going through.

I did write something awhile ago about how I deal. Link here:

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