Monday, June 27, 2016


 Time is an interesting concept. I always say I don't have enough time to do anything (go places, see people, experience things, etc.) But when people ask me, I always say I don't do anything with my time. I spend most of it laying in bed watching things on my laptop. I guess my definition of something means doing something worthwhile. 
 I know it's my fault and I have no right to complain but I just don't have motivation to go out to do things. That and I hate going outside. Sure if it's somewhere or with someone I'm comfortable, I will be totally fine. But the idea of an unfamiliar surrounding just freak me out too much. Maybe I'm sheltered, maybe I over think things, but it is a problem I'm aware I have. It is also a problem I am not yet ready to solve. But hey, acknowledgement is the first step right?

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