Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Down in the Dumps"

 My sister won't let me use the word 'depression' because I'm not clinical. So I'll just use the term "down in the dumps". I've been extra emotional lately and it's been a mix of lonely, uselessness, and rejection. A few hours I actually made the decision to cut my hair. I took my pair of left handed scissors and chopped off a few inches. I don't even know how it looks since my hair is curled and it's naturally straight. I guess I'll find out after I wash it.
 I've done this before. One night when I was still in my early teens, I was really upset at my parents. So when I was supposed to be sleeping that night, I took a pair of scissors and cut off 6" of my hair using just the light from the small night light in the bathroom.
Other times in the past when I've been upset I'll get a proper hair cut or dye my hair. Just something to signify making a change in my life. Although I guess it's not a symbol if it's literal. It's just how I feel when something happens in my life. (Breakups usually....)

That's it. Tl;dr - feeling sad, cut my hair, I do that when I'm feeling sad

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