Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2016 Travel Thoughts

Monday, May 16, 2016
 I am currently sitting in a Capital One/Peet's Coffee cafe in San Francisco by myself. My parents and I drove up here yesterday and they dropped me off at my uncle's place to spend the night with that part of the family. I woke up this morning at 7am with the kids (my favorite cousins) for them to get ready for school as I got ready to head to work with my uncle.
 We took the Caltrain for about a 40 minute ride. Once we got off the train there were so many young (my age) people walking to work with their heads bowed staring at their phones. While they were doing that, I was checking out the different companies they worked for. Apparently if you work for a well-known company, they'll give you a cool bag with their logo on it. A few of the ones I spotted in the first 10 minutes of walking among these people: Fitbit, IGN, Air b&b, and LinkedIn.
 This made me think of my current job - which I am writing a blog post about, should be up later this week or early next week - and how crap it is. I'm making barely minimum wage, if I weren't living at home with my family and my parents weren't paying for everything, I would not survive on the meager $12/hour I am currently getting. Plus the job requires a lot. At first I thought it was going to be a simple assistant job with interesting things to do once in awhile. The initial few weeks were just sitting around doing nothing and waiting for instructions from the boss. It eventually turned into me having to do the job of 2-3 people but with no raise nor respect from management.
 Okay I got a little ranty there. What it made me think of was how little I am getting and how much I am doing at a job where there is no mutual respect with management and where I don't agree with the morals of the company. It also made me realize (although I already knew this deep down) that I would like to work at a big company with more structure and definitely a contract so I know what to do in certain situations and I can't be expected to do the work of more than one person without the compensation for it.
 I decided on Thursday of this previous week that I will be submitting my two-weeks notice when my coworker comes back from her vacation. Because I'm taking this week off and she's taking the first week of June off. The boss would have experienced what it's like to have one of us not there and realized how crucial both of us are to the operation of the day to day. I'm also going to try to start working on my resume this trip.
 My original reason for not leaving the company when the asking for raise thing went down was that I didn't want to leave my coworker - the only other person working there - alone because she is not able to speak Mandarin and I'm the one who does the artwork for the orders and that is a very big part of the order. I've finally decided that it is not worth it. Being a nice person is important to me but working at an establishment with bad morals and disinterest in other peoples' needs is not a place I want to be in.

Stay tuned for more.

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