Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Post February Update

I can't believe it is March already. February was incredible. I gained more than 20 subscribers, had more than 2000 views, and earns three times what I usually earned. So what are some other things that happened in February?

-I got a new phone (Feb 28) and now I have to use that for videos.
-I've had to send my laptop in 4 times just this month so I can't even upload new videos. So many vlogs awaiting editing.
-One-take/no-cuts videos have become a thing.
-My tumblr got crazy.
-#NicerInternet . So that happened. It was great.
-My twitter blew up because of that
-(Related to above) Being positive, posting nice things, being nice on the internet, anti-bullying, etc
-All my new youtube subscribers have me over the moon. It feels so stressful having all these people viewing my content. I'm trying to stay positive and only put out good things.
-I made a second channel for vlogs and random things.

Some stuff from February I'd like you guys to check out if you haven't already.

-I made a February favorites playlist on Spotify:
-Also made a childhood/lifetime favorites playlist. These are songs that I used to love and know every single word of:
-February favorites video (I actually didn't say enough things in this video):

-I was going to post it here but there's just too many. Go to this link to see everything I posted in February and in 2015 so far.

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me on my journey.

All my links:
Youtube - Cattyliu816 - subscribe to see when I upload videos
Second Channel - for vlogs and random videos
Twitter - Cattyliu816 - follow me to see when I update or just to read my thoughts
Cat's Disney Obsession Blog - I really love all things Disney
Summary of Things Blog - see just about how many things I watch
Tigger Adventures Instagram - my Tigger toy loves going on Disney adventures with me
Personal Instagram - Just a bunch of selfies (not really) and Disney things
Facebook Page - I post blog updates and random links I find online (check this last)

(As of 2pm on March 4, I have 82 subscribers)

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