Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Favorites

I posted a February Favorites video

Along with the video, I proved a playlist and boyyyy this playlist is amazing. I know it's all top 40s songs but they're up there for a reason. I've been listening to this playlist nonstop. Good for singing along to or just for dancing around. Link here.
(I'm obviously not a music person, these are all my opinions and thoughts for putting the songs on the playlist.)

Let's go over the songs on the list a little bit:
-Uptown Funk - This song is sweeping the nation. It is so dance worthy and catchy and annoying in a good way.
-Love Me Like You Do - I just sing the chorus but it is so good
-Sugar - This song makes me spaz dance. It's so catchy and fun to move along to
-Thinking Out Loud - This makes me emotional in a good way and it's so ballad-y and amazing
-Take Me to Church - Ballad, singing, all good stuff.
-Four Five Seconds - It's so good. I don't know how else to explain it
-I'm Not the Only One - Good to sing along to. It will emotionally punch you in the gut. Sam Smith man
-Centuries - I had a little stroke when I put this on here but it's so good to listen to. Debating whether or not to replace it with Immortals. Maybe, maybe not.
-Jealous - I've loved Nick Jonas since the Jonas Brother days. I love his voice so much. And this song is so great with his voice.
-Stay With Me - Another Sam Smith. He's that good. His songs are that good
-All of Me - Not sure why I added this, I tend to skip it when I reach it sometimes. But it's good for singing along to when you're feeling it
-Don't - I just added this. Why did I add it? Every time I hear it on the radio, I just want to sing along. And it's like Ed's version of rapping and I love it.

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